3 May 2008

Oh, to be in England

It is not often that an announcement by a TV station makes me salivate but this one does. I wish I lived in the UK!!
It also names Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin, PD James, Lynda La Plante, Val McDermid and Ruth Rendell as the six best crime writers working today. Interesting - I rather thought Colin Dexter had stopped writing with the demise of Morse.

ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards

ITV3 today announces a six-week Crime Thriller Season, leading up to the first ever televised ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards, which promises to be a glamorous star studded occasion, celebrating crime and thriller fiction from film, TV and books.

ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards will also celebrate crime fiction off the page with awards focusing on the greatest crime and thriller films and TV drama of the year – along with the actors who brought the characters to life......

Running up to the glittering ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards will be six weeks of the greatest of crime dramas. Each week will begin with a specially commissioned documentary profiling the six best crime writers working today. The six authors who have been chosen are Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin, PD James, Lynda La Plante, Val McDermid and Ruth Rendell. Viewers of ITV3 will then be able to vote between these authors to select the author who will win the first ITV3 Award for Classic TV Crime Drama.

The documentaries will introduce the viewers to the personalities behind the shows, their writing methods, and the fabulous lifestyles their success has bought them. Each documentary will be followed by the very best episodes of the crime shows that came from these great writers.

In detailed interviews we will learn how they create their mysteries, what makes them tick and uncover the secrets of what it takes to be a truly great crime writer. We will follow them around the places they write about and discover what research goes into their creations.

Does anybody know when this will happen?


Anonymous said...

In the autumn. I picked up a couple of different links to yours & both say "autumn".

Kerrie said...

Thanks for that. I've checked out what you have. I found out yesterday also that there is a launch/connection with the Harrogate Festival ( mentioned also on your site)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, bet it'll be a private event with invites for the select few, of course...
There are quite a few of these at Harry.


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