14 May 2008

Mission Impossible: more TBR

The other day I listed the "library" pile of Mt. TBR.

This is just a small part of the "review" pile. I really took this photo because I've seen some good ones on other people's blogs and wanted to see what mine looked like. I didn't stack them very well did I? And there were at least another 30 that could have been included in the stack.

Mind you, these are all books that I want to read, and as you can see, within the crime fiction genre, I am interested in a wide range of authors. I keep trying to prioritise these books without a lot of of success.

Perhaps you've read some of them, and would like to help me in my choice.


Anonymous said...

Totally love Lee Child!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I've got 7 of these on my tbr pile too. I haven't read it yet but you can't go wrong with Nesbo :-).

Anonymous said...

The Setterfield and the Harvey are great. One of those Lee Childs I liked and the other I didn't, but as their titles are all so similar, I can't recall which. But the more recent of the two, bored me. (The one about the two towns called Hope and Despair). So unrealistic.
I haven't yet read Nemesis so if your pile were mine, I'd probably go for that first. However, I've read the Simon Beckett and that is jolly good. Ditto "No time for goodbye"-- that one will just slip by.
I can see I am not being of much help ;-)
Mind you, I saw Karen (see comment above) today so I am now in an even "worse" position than I was this morning, having carted away all her wonderful offerings.

Kerrie said...

It is all very difficult isn't it? Oh for a desert island

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie,
There are some great books on the TBR, but I'd treat myself early to Linwood Barclay, who has written a cracking thriller. He's also a lovely bloke - a Canadian newspaper columnist turned full-time writer.

John Harvey doesn't write a bad book. Happy Reading


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