3 May 2008


The murder investigation sparked by the discovery of the body of missing school girl Shayla Richards at a local beauty spot called Druid's Altar brings with it some unexpected conflicts for the investigating DI, John Handford.

Shayla has been missing for some weeks but over a year before she was the centrepiece of an assault allegation against a male teacher at Cliffe Top Comprehensive where Handford's wife Gill is the head of English. Now that teacher is accused by Shayla's mother of responsibility for her death. Even though the teacher was acquitted of the assault charge, mud sticks, as they say, and the school board is conducting its own investigation.

This is not the only complication for Handford. Within his own team he has two officers who simply don't get on, the underlying reason being racial bigotry.

In addition, the investigation is driving a real wedge between Handford and his wife. It is dividing the staff at the school, threatening the principal's authority, and some seem to regard Gill Handford as the DI's snout.

This, the 3rd title in the Handford series, was not just another police procedural.
It was well written with very believable characters, and interesting focal threads. I'll certainly be looking for more.

My rating: 4.5

1. Snares of Guilt (2002)
2. On Dangerous Ground (2003)
3. Devils In The Mirror (2005)
4. The Hollow Core (2006)
5. Twisted Tracks (2007)

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CJ said...

So, I'm going to take a guess and assume DI stands for Detective Inspector?

I found your place via Weekly Geeks and I'm enjoying your reviews. I love a good mystery, too, with my favorite authors being Nevada Barr, Steve Hamilton, and, going back a long ways, Dell Shannon.



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