11 May 2008

Sunday Salon #8 - 11 May 2008

There's been a bit of discussion this week about whether Sunday Salon is getting a bit too big. Membership stands at 136 as I write, but the size of the membership is providing a real variety in our postings, and, speaking for myself, I am enjoying reading them.

This week Debra posted the following
Addendum, May 2008:
1. The Salon's membership has grown so large that it's no longer possible for any one Salonist to read all of the Salon posts every week, much less comment on them meaningfully. Salonists should not feel any pressure to do so. Please feel free to skim around, to read what appeals, to visit the blogs that are of interest and forgo the rest.
2. Salonists should feel free also not to post some weeks if they haven't the time to read.
3. Have any thoughts about how the Salon could be improved? Please feel free to join the discussion here.

This week I have done a lot of thinking about what constitutes good blogging both on Mysteries in Paradise and my work blog, You Are Never Alone.

My posts this week:
Apart from reading posts by fellow Sunday Saloners, I've also explored 2008 31 Day Comment Challenge from a link given by Petrona.

The Weekly Geeks challenge this week was to offer to link to other people's reviews when I review a book. This really wasn't something that appealed much to me, although I often visit reviews that others have written of books that I have read. In addition I also belong to Library Thing, always post my book reviews there, and check on the reviews of others there, so in away I guess I am already doing what the intent of this week's challenge was.


Anonymous said...

Nice post, as ever, Kerrie, and thank you for the mention(s).
I think that you are that rare combination: a highly organised blogger and you write stimulating posts which I look forward to reading and am not disappointed.

Kerrie said...

I'm flattered Maxine. I think of you as the organised one :-)


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