22 May 2008

Off Travelling

What the heck is that you say?
A cactus on my bathroom window ledge! Must be about 10 years old I think, and it began life as a demure little ball in the centre of the pot.
Reminds me a bit of my reading.

You'll notice a couple more changes to my blog layout.
Thanks to Jim at Nearly Nothing but Novels who suggested I visit Feedburner and set up a RSS widget and a link to an email subscription to my blog. You'll see them in the right hand column.

At the moment I'm trying to work out how many books to take with me on a 2 week trip overseas. 6? 8? decisions..decisions

And this is where we are off to.. Abu Dhabi ==>>
to visit the daughter and son-in-law.

Books I am taking:
That's the important stuff done: Now to pack!

Seriously though you might find my blog a bit re-purposed for a couple of weeks, but I'll try to report on my reading. :-)

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Marg said...

Have a great holiday!


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