14 November 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009 - 42 : Podcasts: The Dog Who Came In from the Cold

This week's Weekly Geeks task from Suey asks us to talk about podcasts.

I thought I'd tell you about THE DOG WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, Alexander McCall Smith's second in the Corduroy Mansions online series.

Last year I listened to most of the first novel. This year's online novel began back in September - the first chapter can be found here, and it is now up to chapter 47.
Access the current list of chapters here.

It continues mainly with the characters from last year's novel but you don't have to worry too much about that. If you want to read it, there is a summary of the first novel here, and there are plenty of other features on site to bring you up to speed.

Currently I'm about 5 chapters behind because I don't always get around to listening every day. Each chapter is 7 or so minutes, so theoretically it should be possible, but I just don't seem to do it despite the email alerts I get reminding me. Consequently my understanding of what is actually going on is a bit hazy, but what keeps me going back for more is the beautiful reading of Andrew Sachs (you remember - Manuel from Fawlty Towers).

There are a number of reading options available to you - read it visually online, listen to Andrew Sachs read the chapter, subscribe to the podcasts through your iTunes account, and subscribe to email alerts. In addition oyu can follow in Twitter, join a Telegraph community to discuss and influence the direction the book is taking.


Bernadette said...

Even the lure of Andrew Sachs can't keep my ears tuned to this Kerrie - I kept losing track and so gave up (just like with the corduroy mansions one).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :) I subscribed to Iain Banks' latest in iTunes: Transition!

sprite said...

Ooh! I didn't realize there was a follow-up. Thanks!

Dreamybee said...

I didn't know books came in podcast form. What a great way to tackle something that might seem overwhelming otherwise. Thanks for letting us know!


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