13 November 2009

Relentless weather, heat, pageants

I've re-cycled this image from my friend Bernadette's blog, because it so beautifully sums up our weather at present. [oops! apologies to Taswegians, I've just realised you've dropped off the map]
Actually the weather map on tonight's TV contained suggestions that some places are about to get rain. But here in good old Adelaide after 5 days of high temps, we are about to have 39C tomorrow and 40C on Sunday.
After that things are supposed to get better (click on the image for a better view):

And tomorrow is the Christmas pageant! And we are meant to be trying the "failed" wave again!
For Enfield Brass, it is the beginning of silly season - with a pageant every weekend between now and Christmas.


Bernadette said...

Hope you and your crew survive the pageant without too much hassle Kerrie, I'm taking a 3-year old but we're going early to look at the floats before they leave South Tce then going home. In the afternoon I'm attending a global warming forum which I find a little ironic given this spring heatwave.

Anonymous said...

I hope the pageant goes well for you, Kerrie!

Marg said...

Thinking of all those Adelaideans sweltering whilst watching the pageant today, and the people performing in it.


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