21 November 2009

When Kindle finds BookSeat

Just a spot of decadence here. Book Seat is designed for hands-free reading and this week I discovered it is the perfect prop for my Kindle.

I've uploaded quite a few titles to my Kindle this week. I discovered free titles on The Book Depository - you need to know what to search for in the collection (try Edgar Wallace, Conan Doyle, Fergus Hume for starters. - let me know what else you find if you think they might interest me)

Look also for free crime fiction e-books on SmashWords - just a few titles - but there are also some cheap titles.

has a number of crime fiction titles for which the charge is $2 which is the price for international Whispernet delivery. If you are not am "international" customer, than I think the cost is $0.

This week Amazon has released Kindle for PC, which means if you are ok with being anchored to your PC or laptop for your book reading, the ebook world opens up for you too. Here is an article you may like to check.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like a lovely setup for reading, Kerrie!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your Kindle.

Kerrie said...

It is working out well Margot

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

Pretty Kindle! I'm glad your enjoying the Kindle.

www.bearmountainbooks.com said...

Kerrie, check out this blog:


It is by far the best I've found for listing deals on books, including freebies. The posts are usually once or more daily and cover all genres, but there are often crime books! The price will differ for you as well, because the prices are usually US, but it might still be a good place to find some bargains!!!


Kerrie said...

Thanks for the suggestion Maria


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