29 November 2009

Review: A TWIST IN THE TALE, Jeffrey Archer

Macmillan Digital Audio, read by Martin Jarvis, ISBN 978-0-230- 70043-7, 4 hrs 30 mins, on 4 CDs.
A collection of 12 short stories first published in hardback in 1988. Macmillan Digital Audio edition published 2008.

Publisher's blurb:

A man calls unexpectedly on his mistress and sees another man leaving her flat. Accusing her of being unfaithful, he quarrels with her, strikes her. She dies. Leaving unseen, he tips off the police so that the other man is arrested and charged . . . Has he achieved 'The Perfect Murder'? A tantalising opening to A Twist in the Tale.

Consider also: a wine-tasting with a bizarre difference, a game of sex with a sexy stranger, a violent row in a golf clubhouse bar, a rivalry founded on eating cornflakes . . . just some of the openings in this cunningly constructed, fast-moving, entertaining set of stories from THE bestselling author of our time.

Just a very short mini-review from me:
These stories made a car drive go very quickly. I thought the stories were a little patchy, and one just downright boring. However as one of Amazon's reviewers commented "The book is very appropriately named, because the very end of each story has a bizarrre "twist" that you don't expect. The twist happens literally in the last sentence or two of each story, and the reader is completely surprised."
There were a couple of tales which were very very good.

My rating: 4.1

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this review. Some of these stories sound really interesting, and I do like short story collections sometimes. And well-written plot twists at the end can be really compelling...


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