1 November 2009

October' s Reads

What a good reading month I've had!

The first number is my rating. Each title is linked to my review. There's a couple of Australian authors marked with for you to look for.

4.4, MAD HATTER'S HOLIDAY, Peter Lovesey (31 October)
3.6, ANOTHER THING TO FALL, Laura Lippman (25 October)
4.4, THE KILL CALL (audio book), Stephen Booth (25 October)
4.6, GENTLY DOES IT, Alan Hunter (18 October)
4.3, WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS?, Agatha Christie (15 October)
4.5, WOMAN WITH BIRTHMARK, Hakan Nesser (12 October)
4.3, PUNTER'S TURF, Peter Klein (11 October)
4.7, RED BONES, Ann Cleeves (audio) (7 October)
4.6, FIFTY GRAND, Adrian McKinty (5 October) - currently resident in
4.4, AS DARKNESS FALLS, Bronwyn Parry (3 October)

So far this year I have completed 90 books.
Last year I got to 111, but I'm not sure that I'll get there this year.
What about you? What is your target and are you going to get there?


gautami tripathy said...

I gotta check out a few!

Sunday Salon: October Wrap Up

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

Kerrie just have to say I love the little "Australia's" on this page! I'm an aussie living in Canada, and they make me homesick but in a good way :D

Kerrie said...

Thanks Bella - I'll try to use them in future summaries. Thought the Standley Chasm piccy might do it for you too. I'm hooked on those warm ochre colours.


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