1 November 2009

Sunday Salon - 1 November 2009

I'm feeling particularly virtuous this morning - I've been out with my husband and friends on the South Australian Cancer Council's Race for Life event. We walked 4.5 km in just under an hour. We probably undid whatever good it did us with the hearty breakfast we followed up with.!

According to the drop down linker you'll see below, there are now 475 of us in the Sunday Salon.

There don't seem to be many crime fiction readers, so perhaps if you are one, you could drop into my blog today and say g'day!

What my blog is all about:
I'm an Australian addicted to reading crime fiction, so here you'll find reviews, information about books I've read, authors to look out for, and communities and activities I either belong to or have initiated. I read more widely than just Australian authors though. I love British police procedurals, Agatha Christie, and Scandinavian crime fiction in particular.

Be part of my blog this week
  • What is your reading target this year? Have look at my post October' s Reads and see how I'm going. Tell me what your target is and how you are progressing.
  • Join the Alphabet in Crime Fiction Community Meme. Tomorrow my blog will feature the invitation for the letter E. Today see the contributions for the letter D. Another way to get people to visit your blog, and also to meet some new crime fiction bloggers. In the last week we had 10 contributions so it is becoming a great way to see recommendations for new crime fiction titles and authors. We don't mind if you recycle a review you've already written or just contribute occasionally.
  • Do you read Agatha Christie novels or short stories? You could join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge. Some of us are reading her works in order of publication, while others are just reading them as they can get them. One a month seems to be a good target to aim for. Learn what the challenge is about, or simply join it. Every month you can submit your posts and other related sites to the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival.
Last week's posts:
News & Headlines:
Currently reading:
  • now - A CERTAIN MALICE, Felicity Young
  • audio (in the car) - THE BARRED WINDOW, Andrew Taylor
  • on line - THE DOG WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, Alexander McCall Smith chapt 30 (running a bit behind)
Enjoy your reading this week!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Good for you to do the Race For Life! I know five people who are in remission from different forms of cancer, so this means a lot to me...

BooksPlease said...

I should get some exercise - well done on the walking.

So far this year I've read 82 books and 41 of those are crime fiction, which is far more crime fiction than I read in other years. I think that's down partly to you! Thank you.

I don't really have a reading target, most years reading about 90+ books, but I sometimes think it would be nice to read 100 - such a nice round figure, but when I read long books that slows down the count and then I realise that the number of books I read doesn't matter - it's the content and the pleasure that's important. But I'd still like to get to 100 this year.

Gavin said...

Kerrie - Great job on the Race For Life event. 475 blogs on Sunday Salon? No wonder I can't get to all of the posts.

I am a crime fiction reader! I haven't written many reviews because there are so many good review sites (including yours) out there, but I loved the mini-review and will do more of those.

I don't have a specific reading goal for 2009, I just want to finish the challenges I've stuck with. Have a great week!


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