28 November 2009

Suggest a Christmas Title

We've all read books set at Christmas time or related to Christmas in some way.
The aim of this meme is to allow bloggers to link back to posts on their site that relate to books about Christmas.
To make it easier for readers to locate books in their preferred genre, please include that in your link below.
  1. Suggested format
    BOOK TITLE, author name - crime fiction
    BOOK TITLE, author name - romance
  2. Please link to the actual post on your blog, not just the blog itself.
  3. In your post, please link back to this page, and feel free to use the image I've created.
  4. You may link to more than one blog post if you wish
  5. Links not complying with the above will be edited or removed altogether.
Thanks for your participation


Kerrie said...

many thanks for those two links Margaret (BooksPlease)

Nan said...

Sorry, Kerrie, to have my name as the links and not the titles of the books, but all I saw in the linky thing was a place for name and blog entry address.

Kerrie said...

All fixed Nan

Maxine Clarke said...

Kerrie, I have just added the URL to a post that should be going live tomorrow (Thurs) evening. (Blood Safari) I won't be able to get online then, so hope the URL works! Best wishes

Maxine Clarke said...

Hi Kerrie, I just added the URL of a post about Blood Safari by Deon Meyer, but my blog post won't be live until tomorrow (Thurs) eve, UK time. I won'e be able to get online then to add the link, so have done it in advance.
Best wishes


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