12 August 2011

Forgotten Book: MURDER IN ADVENT, David Williams

My contribution this week to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books is a book I read back in 1994. 

This is one of David Williams' (1926-2003) "Mark Treasure" stories:
Publisher's blurb:
Litchester Cathedral, usually an oasis of cloistered calm, suddenly finds itself at the center of an acrimonious dispute over the proposed sale of its 1225 copy of the Magna Carta. Merchant banker, Mark Treasure is invited down to sort out the squabbling. Even as he journeys to Litchester, a fire destroys the ecclesiastical library - Magna Carta and all - and a body is discovered in the debris. Treasure's investigations unravel evidence of some most unholy mayhem and dark skulduggery...  The full list (courtesy Fantastic Fiction) Unholy Writ (1976)
Treasure By Degrees (1977)
Treasure Up In Smoke (1978)
Murder For Treasure (1980)
Copper, Gold and Treasure (1982)
Treasure Preserved (1983)
Advertise For Treasure (1984)
Murder In Advent (1985)
Wedding Treasure (1985)
Treasure In Roubles (1986)
Divided Treasure (1987)
Treasure In Oxford (1988)
Holy Treasure! (1989)
Prescription For Murder (1990)
Treasure by Post (1991)
Planning on Murder (1992)
Banking on Murder (1993) 


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Ooh, sounds like a good one. I remember when some of these first came out, and didn't get a chance to read them them. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Todd Mason said...

I'm gathering the links this week...this writer has gotten completely by me, I fear...

Anonymous said...

In these times, a merchant banker seems like a most unusual detective. These days they are all too busy stripping as much wealth as possible from the rest of us. Does sound interesting, though.


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