26 August 2011

Gone Travellin'

We are off to Melbourne today for the weekend.
I'm speaking at a conference for teacher librarians on e-books tomorrow morning and we plan to just drift around for the rest of the weekend.

It is the first weekend of Melbourne Writers Festival but sadly I couldn't find enough crime fiction sessions to spark an interest.
Might get to the Kill City bookshop, although I really don't need any more books for the TBR.
The footy team are playing in Melbourne on Sunday but they've been doing so poorly recently that we may not spend the money to watch them get beaten.

Anyway the Kindle is charged, we're staying in our favourite hotel, and weather looks good, so we'll be fine!
Oh and today is the 33rd wedding anniversary!


bermudaonion said...

Happy anniversary and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful and safe trip.

Vicki said...

Happy wedding anniversary. Enjoy the Melbourne weekend!

Marg said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you enjoy your Melbourne weekend. I went to my first MWF session today and will be spending all day next Saturday there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kerrie. Enjoy your w/e. Begoña and I will celebrate thirty seven in November, quite a rarity now a days.

Uriah Robinson said...

Congratulations, Happy Anniversary. Hope the weather in Melbourne is good for you.
I love watching Aussie Rules on sports cable channel even though I don't understand the "rules". It seems skillful and players of all sizes can find a role.

Kerrie said...

We had a lovely time in Melbourne. Went to see our footy team play and watch them turn potential victory into defeat within a matter of minutes.
Obviously chose the wrong weekend for MWF crime fiction but the weather was lovely and we scored cheap tickets for a night at the theatre to Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies - very appropriate for a wedding anniversary weekend.


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