14 August 2011

Sunday Salon: 14 Aug 2011: gauging opinions

One of the reasons why many of us read the blogs of others is to find out what they thought of particular books and to pick up recommendations for our reading.

In the last 20 months I have been watching and assessing the trend in the adoption of e-readers. We've been subjected to a lot of hyperbole from Amazon about how sales of e-books have been increasing and it certainly seems that there is a marked adoption of e-readers in the crime fiction reading community.
I've summarised the poll results here: e-book poll has closed: interesting & significant results

For the next two weeks I am running another poll: Series or Stand-Alone?
Do you have a preference? Do you avoid reading a series? Have your say.

Other posts this week
Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass

On Monday 1 August we began the meme Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass
Tomorrow, August 15, we move on to France.
Just check on the blog tomorrow. Your participation in the 12 week meme can be occasional if you like.

The future stops on our journey will be
  • Monday 22 August - Holland/Belgium
  • Monday 29 August - Denmark
  • Monday 5 September - Germany
  • Monday 12 September Austria
  • Monday 19 September - Switzerland
  • Monday 26 September - the Czech republic
  • Monday 3 October - Italy
  • Monday 10 October - Greece
  • Monday 17 October - Turkey

TBRN (To Be Read Next)
  • next Australian - BEREFT, Chris Womersley
  • next from library: THE GOLDEN MILE TO MURDER, Sally Spencer
  • now on audio - STILL MIDNIGHT, Denise Mina
  • next Agatha Christie: N or M

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