7 August 2011

Sunday Salon: 7 August 2011: a quick catchup

My reading seems to have slowed down a bit this week, although there's been a lot happening on the blogging front.

Currently I'm running a poll about e-reading and you have 6 more days to take part. The poll is in the right hand column.

Last Monday 1 August we began the meme Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass
Tomorrow, August 8, we move on to Spain/Portugal.
Just check on the blog tomorrow. Your participation in the 12 week meme can be occasional if you like.

This week the Ned Kelly Awards shortlist was released and I for one was disappointed at the omission of some big contenders, in particular Adrian Hyland's GUNSHOT ROAD.

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  • next Australian - BEREFT, Chris Womersley
  • next from library: THE GOLDEN MILE TO MURDER, Sally Spencer
  • now on Kindle - THE COSY KNAVE, Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen
  • next on Kindle - BLUE MONDAY, Nicci French
  • now on audio - STILL MIDNIGHT, Denise Mina
  • next Agatha Christie: N or M?
Do you read Agatha Christie?

If so you will be interested in Plans to celebrate Agatha Christie's birthday and the invitation to you to participate.

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