19 August 2011

Sisters in Crime Book Bloggers Challenge - the Easy Challenge completed


Earlier this week I reviewed UNTIL THY WRATH BE PAST by Asa Larsson set in northern Norway, and certainly a strong representative of today's crop of top female crime fiction writers.

To complete the "easy challenge" celebrating 25 Years of Sisters in Crime, here are 6 excellent female crime fiction authors to look for.
They come from all over the world as you can see.

5.0, BURY YOUR DEAD, Louise Penny -Canada
4.9, THE BRUTAL TELLING, Louise Penny
4.9, BAD INTENTIONS, Karin Fossum - Norway
4.8, AN UNCERTAIN PLACE, Fred Vargas - France
4.8, COLD JUSTICE, Katherine Howell - Australia
4.8, BOUND, Vanda Symon - New Zealand
4.8, SILENT VOICES, Ann Cleeves - Britain

This challenge has been created by Barbara Fister to celebrate 25 years of American Sisters in Crime.

Easy challenge: write a blog post about a work of crime fiction by a woman author; list five more women authors who you recommend.
Moderate challenge: write five blog posts about works of crime fiction by women authors. For each, mention another woman author who writes in a similar vein.
Expert challenge: write ten blog posts about works of crime fiction by women authors. For each, mention three similar women authors whose works you would recommend.
Deadline: whenever. Another one of the joys of reading for pleasure is not having deadlines. Also, feel free to recycle previous reviews.
If you tag your posts with “SinC25” Barbara will compile them.  And if you tweet, use the hashtag #SinC25.


Barbara Fister said...

Great selection, Kerrie. I am SO eager to get my hands on that new Larsson. It has been quite a while since the last one.

Thanks for playing along.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Well done - those really are fine, fine authors, and I like the variety. And I really want Until thy Wrath be Past. I am thoroughly enjoying that series. I'm also a fan of the Louise Penny series. Yep, you've got some good 'uns.


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