8 August 2011

Review: THE COSY KNAVE, Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

An e-novel that is available from both Amazon and Smashwords.
See my earlier post which was part of a baton relay to launch the book.

My copy came from Smashwords.
The book is available from Smashwords in a variety of eBook formats and here’s a coupon code, provided by the author, which brings the price down to $2.99US: PN22N

Publisher's blurb (Smashwords)

A cosy Yorkshire mystery. 
The vicious attacks begin when the prodigal son of Knavesborough returns to the sleepy village after forty years in Argentina with fame and fortune. No wonder that spiteful Rose Walnut-Whip is killed, but when the violence escalates, Constable Penrose knows he needs help from his fiancée, librarian Rhapsody Gershwin.

My take

As the author knows, humorous cozies are not quite my thing, but there's a lot like about THE COSY KNAVE. 

The setting is the village of Knavesborough in Yorkshire and the various matches in the Soccer World Cup are being streamed onto a big plasma screen in Ye Cosy Knave the local tea shoppe. In fact the first murder takes place while locals are watching a match, and the victim is one of the audience. England's chances are still alive at this stage and Constable Archie Penrose's superior officer is determined that nothing will spoil his viewing of future matches.

If you enjoy traditional cozy mysteries with a touch of humour then you'll enjoy this carefully crafted, imaginatively written one. There are plenty of red herrings and the names of the characters have been carefully chosen, tickling the imagination at regular intervals.The threads are all resolved at the end with great panache.

My rating: 4.2

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kathy d. said...

Just went to Friend Feed, which I do a few times a day to catch up in global mysterydom, and found the lay out of the page was quite different. Words go all the way across the screen instead of being centered with narrowed margins.

It's hard for me to follow this (middle-aged eyesight), and I'm wondering if this is a permanent change or if it's something with my own computer.

Thanks so much for linking in these blogs and updating all of the time, so we readers don't miss a thing.

Kerrie said...

Kathy, try the page again, and if it is still that way, force a refresh. Should look like it has always done

kathy d. said...

Thanks, Kerrie.

I always get worried that my computer has, once again, been hit by a strange virus.

Dorte H said...

Thanks a lot for reviewing my novel, Kerrie!


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