12 July 2009

Sunday Salon: 12 July 2009

First of all let me apologise for not getting around to visit your Sunday Salon posts last week. It is something I like to do, but time just got away.

Secondly, I'm autoposting this SS entry today, because we've actually driven to Melbourne for the weekend. We try to do it at least once a year - about a 10-11 hour drive - to visit friends and to go to an "away" football match. The cat has been packed off to some friends for a short "holiday", and so by the time you read this we should be well and truly there.

I've posted a little less this week too, but since I've already posted over 270 times this year, that is not such a bad thing.

On the other hand, my blog hit 55,000 visitors since I started it last January (2008), and so far this year there have been 30,000 hits. There are 730 posts so far and 2330 comments. I have posted just over 1.3 posts a day.

This week's posts
  • Forgotten Book: DEATH IN KASHMIR, M M Kaye
    Forgotten Books is a project I participate in each week. These are often excellent crime fiction reads that have fallen off our radar. You can usually pick up a second hand copy very cheaply.
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Reprise: Review, THE REDEEMER, Jo Nesbo
    Another movie "mockup" using some online software to convert text to an interview.
  • How could they do it?
    Miss Marple trespassed into an Agatha Christie story in which she was not originally a character. On investiagtion I discovered it had happened before!
  • ACRC Update - 6 July 2009
    I've now read 12 Agatha Christie novels in the order in which they were published. This post is a roundup of my progress in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
Breaking News
What I'm reading
  • now - THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, Stieg Larsson
  • in the car - LUCIFER'S SHADOW, David Hewson
  • en route to Melbourne we are going to listen to SHATTER by Michael Robotham


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

Great work over the past couple of years!

Dorte H said...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend away!
It will be interesting to hear what you think about The Girl who Played with Fire.

Beach Weddings said...

I made a mistake at work yesterday, how do I enjoy my weekend?


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