1 July 2009

A Dozen of my best

It's becoming something of "tradition" at the middle of the calendar year to survey your reading landscape so far and come up with your best reads.

I have a dozen and you will see they are a mixture of the old and the new:
Interesting to see that, in my opinion at least, there are Agatha Christie's that hold their own nearly 80 years after publication.
For me Richard Montanari, Johan Theorin, and Charles Todd have to be the finds of the year so far.

I have read 56 novels so far this year, all crime fiction, as I rarely read anything else.
My full list of 2009 Reviews indicates that most of what I have read this year fall into the Very Good to Excellent range.


Bernadette said...

I reckon I'd have a couple of the same on my list Kerrie (definitely ECHOES OF THE DEAD anyway). I'll get to it in the next couple of days and work it out properly then compare.

Margot said...

Crime fiction is just one of the genres I read. For that reason I subscribe to your blog. I like to follow along with what you are reading. I like this wrap-up post to remind us (your readers) what your favorites are. And, I like seeing that Agatha made it into your list.

I apologize for not commenting often but at least you should know you are being read.

Maxine Clarke said...

I have considered reading Montanari a few times but have always been put off by the blurbs - serial killers, young girls, etc. I'm interested that you rate him even higher than some superb authors I've read. Maybe one day you will write a post to say why you put Montanari on this pinnacle (compared with Indridason, Nesbo and Theorin) and that will convince me to give him a try! (and overcome my reservations)

Kerrie said...

In my review of PLAY DEAD I said "Meticulously plotted, full of puzzles, it is bound together by the heightening tension." I'm not sure there is a lot between it and the 4.9s on my list. Perhaps a hair's whisker

Kerrie said...

Good to see you here Margot


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