21 July 2009

Match the cover with a title - competition

In the table below are a number of covers (with titles and authors removed, just to make it interesting) taken from my recent posts, and here a list of titles and authors.

A. LUCIFER'S SHADOW, David Hewson ; B. MURDEROUS REMEDY, Stella Shepherd ; C. NAME TO A FACE, Robert Goddard; D. PERIL AT END HOUSE, Agatha Christie; E. SHADOW, Karin Alvtegen; F. SHATTER, Michael Robotham; G. THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, Stieg Larsson; H. THE MYSTERIOUS MR QUIN, Agatha Christie; I. THE REDEEMER, Jo Nesbo; J. WOBBLE TO DEATH, Peter Lovesey

Your assignment is to match them up. Just leave your answer as a comment.











I have 3 books to give away for the competition. I will send them anywhere in the world, but if you are outside Australia, it will come surface mail.

In your comment, say whether you would like
MYSTERIOUS PLEASURES, edited by Martin Edwards
BROKEN, Karin Fossum

You won't necessarily have to get them all right, but that will be an advantage.
If more than one "best" answer chooses the same book, then I'll draw straws or something.
I'll contact the winners to get snail mail addresses.
The competition will close in 2 weeks. (August 4)


Kerrie said...

You are 100% right Bernadette - so I've deleted your comment. Which book are you interested in?

Mack said...

And people accuse Norm of being a fiend with his quizzes!

I only know one (the most obvious) for sure but several others are just out of reach.

Nifty idea for a contest.

Bernadette said...

Oh I forgot Kerrie - I really only want bragging rights :) but Mysterious Pleasures would be nice. I already have TGWPWF and i have 3 Fossum books here and i think one of them is Broken by another name but I'd have to check.

Maxine Clarke said...

I know 3, 7, 9 and 10 as I've read them, but none of the rest, so I have lost. You'll be relieved about this, as I live on the other side of the world!

Kerrie said...

Well done Dorte, 100%. I have removed oyur answer to prevent plagiarism :-)

Kerrie said...

Well done Jacki - 100% - what book would you like to be in the draw for?

Heartbeatoz said...

THE CRUEL STARS OF THE NIGHT, Kjell Eriksson Please sounds interesting

Thanks Jacki

Kerrie said...

You are 100% correct Tim. You didn't say what book you would like to be in the draw for though. I've deleted your comment to stop others copying it :-)

Kerrie said...

Winners are Bernadette, Dorte, HeartBeatinOz, and Tim. HeartBeatinOz, and Tim can you send me your snail mail addresses please? kasmith9@esc.net.au


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