15 July 2009

Final verdict! - my CWA International Dagger short list

At last! I've finished THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE.
And just in the nick of time!
I'll post my review later.

Here is how the shortlisted nominations for CWA International Dagger stand in my rankings:
  • 4.9, Johan Theorin, ECHOES FROM THE DEAD, translated by Marlaine Delargy (Doubleday)
  • 4.9, Karin Alvtegen, SHADOW, translated by McKinley Burnett, (Canongate)
  • 4.8, Arnaldur Indriðason, ARCTIC CHILL, translated by Bernard Scudder and Victoria Cribb (Harvill Secker)
  • 4.8, Jo Nesbø, THE REDEEMER, translated by Don Bartlett (Harvill Secker)
  • 4.7, Stieg Larsson, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, translated by Reg Keeland (MacLehose Quercus)
  • 4.5, Fred Vargas, THE CHALK CIRCLE MAN, translated by Siân Reynolds (Harvill Secker) - my rating 4.5
The winners will be announced in London on the evening of July 15.
Just looking at the final list, I still think this is a tough one to call.

Something to check: Euro Crime's CWA International Dagger polls - compare the "sentimental" with the "logical" favourite. Neither of those polls put ECHOES FROM THE DEAD as the winner. The results of both those polls shows a toss up between 2 books much lower on my list.
In fact, as we say here down under, on my list you could really toss a blanket over the lot, except for THE CHALK CIRCLE MAN which I don't really think is in the running.


Uriah Robinson said...

We think alike Kerrie even though we are thousands of miles apart. I would have transposed the Larsson and the Indridason and put the Theorin at 4.95 but we will find out tomorrow night BST.

Kerrie said...

Thanks Norman. It is nice to find a kindred spirit.


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