26 July 2009

Sunday Salon: 26 July 2009

I noticed there quite a few new people posting in the Sunday Salon last week. That was good to see. Book blogging is certainly alive and well.
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For me this was a big week because on the 23rd of each month I host the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival. This week was the 7th edition of the carnival.

I seem to have made a lot of posts this week. Lots of "challenges" that I am part of needed doing. I also made a decision this week to re-publish some reviews I've published over the last 3 years on another site.

This week's posts:
Breaking News:
What I'm reading:
  • now - SHADOWS STILL REMAIN - Peter de Jonge
  • then - FROM DOON WITH DEATH - Ruth Rendell
  • in the car - LUCIFER'S SHADOW, David Hewson

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