5 June 2010

Gorn to the footy!

Once a year, the Paradisians succumb to footy mania and go the Melbourne to watch the Power play on the G!

So that's where we are this weekend.

After last's weekend's debacle when the Power was trounced by the bottom of the ladder, we have spent the week debating the wisdom of this venture.

Should you wish to know more about this addiction, click here, but I'll understand if you don't.


Marg said...

Won't be clicking on the link. I'm sure you will understand why! ;-)

Have a great time! I am off to the Good Food and Wine Show today so I am planning on having a good day too!

Brian Kavanagh said...

I've tipped Hawthorn. Prove me wrong.

Marg said...

Tips! Darn it. Forgot to put them in again.

Maxine Clarke said...

Say Hi to Jack Irish if you spot him there.

Uriah Robinson said...

Your "Footy" is great on my cable TV. Unlike soccer or rugby you have the ball in play all the time.
I don't understand all the rules but it obvious the players are very skilled, and players of all sizes can play the game successfully unlike other sports.
I think I have the game recorded if it took place Friday night your time. Good luck Port, perhaps they will be better in dry weather.

Heartbeatoz said...

Sorry about the loss but like Brian I tipped the Hawks, hope you had a great Weekend anyway :)


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