28 June 2010

So Nearly There - Crime Fiction 4.9s

This post follows up on a couple of recent ones about top crime fiction reads.
My databases ofr the last 5 years contains just over 660 books.
I have given about 10% of those a rating a 5.
But there are some that have missed out by the smallest of margins - they are the "nearly there's" that I gave 4.9 to.

So here is that list:

Australian Authors
Kerry    Greenwood    DEATH BY WATER    2005
P D    Martin    THE MURDERERS' CLUB    2006

British authors

Mark    Billingham    SLEEPY HEAD    2001
P. D.    James    THE PRIVATE PATIENT    2008
Jim    Kelly    DEATH WORE WHITE    2008
Alexander    McCall Smith    BLUE SHOES AND HAPPINESS 2006
Charles    Todd    SEARCH THE DARK    2000
Charles    Todd    A PALE HORSE (audio book) 2008

Rest of the world - translated authors marked with *

* Karin    Alvtegen  SHADOW    2007
  Michael Connelly THE CONCRETE BLONDE    1994
  Michael Connelly ECHO PARK    2006
  Leighton Gage    THE BLOOD OF THE WICKED    2008
  Randall Hicks    THE BABY GAME    2005
* Arnuldur Indridason    TAINTED BLOOD (Jar City) 2004
  Thomas Perry    VANISHING ACT    1994
* Johan     Theorin  ECHOES FROM THE DEAD    2008
* Fred    Vargas    SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR 2004

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this list. You've got some terrific reads here, and I can see how they came very close...


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