25 June 2010

Top reads 2005 - 2010, British and Australian crime fiction

I began my "books read" database in 2005 and it now contains 662 records, all crime fiction.
Of the 70 books that have scored a rating of 5,
9 are Australian:

Katherine    Howell    FRANTIC    2007
Gabrielle    Lord    DIRTY WEEKEND    2005
Barry    Maitland    NO TRACE    2004
P.D.    Martin    FAN MAIL    2008
Michael    Robotham    THE NIGHT FERRY    2007
Michael    Robotham    SHATTER    2008
Michael    Robotham    BLEED FOR ME    2010
Peter    Temple    THE BROKEN SHORE    2005
Peter    Temple    TRUTH    2009

and 25 are British

Kate    Atkinson    Case Histories    2004
Mark    Billingham    Scaredy Cat    2002
Mark    Billingham    Lifeless    2005
Stephen    Booth    ONE LAST BREATH    2004
Stephen    Booth    SCARED TO LIVE    2006
Simon    Brett    THE HANGING IN THE HOTEL (Audio)    2004
Ken    Bruen    The Killing of the Tinkers    2003
Tracy    Chevalier    The Virgin Blue    2002
R.J.    Ellory    A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS    2007
Nicci    French    Secret Smile    2004
Reginald    Hill    THE WOOD BEYOND    1996
Reginald    Hill    THE DEATH OF DALZIEL    2007
Reginald    Hill    A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES    2008
P. D.    James    The Lighthouse    2005
Lynda    La Plante    ABOVE SUSPICION    2004
Peter    Lovesey    THE SUMMONS    1995
Peter    Lovesey    THE VAULT    1999
Peter    Lovesey    THE HOUSE SITTER    2003
Peter    Lovesey    THE CIRCLE    2005
Peter    Lovesey    THE SECRET HANGMAN    2007
Peter    Lovesey    SKELETON HILL    2010
Ian    Rankin    EXIT MUSIC    2007
Peter    Robinson    STRANGE AFFAIR    2005
C.J.    Sansom    Dissolution    2003
Barbara    Vine    THE MINOTAUR    2005


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You have quite a list there! I really enjoy the way you share those lists, too; it's a great resource for deciding what I'm going to read : ).

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Kerrie, thanks very much for your list. It will sure help me to decide what next to read.

GeniAus said...

Kerrie, will look for your 5s in my local Vinneis store which has an amazing stock. Thanks for telling us about them.

NancyO said...

Thanks for posting this. There are a lot I don't have so I'll be looking out for them.

I love the Jack Taylor series, so I was happy to see Ken Bruen in there.

have a great day

BooksPlease said...

Some of my favourite British authors on your list. I'm sorry to admit that I don't know the Australian ones, but I'm taking note and will look out for them - thanks for the list.

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