23 June 2010

Peter Temple wins Miles Franklin award for TRUTH

Peter Temple’s crime fiction book, Truth, has made history for being the first work of genre fiction to win Australia's prestigious Miles Franklin award, which was established in 1957.

Earlier this year I wrote  
Peter Temple is the master of a clipped and terse literary style, where dialogue feels like real conversation. There are times when he uses a word rather than a sentence, in some ways the style reminds me of a former Australian great - Patrick White.

I'm very glad to have begun 2010 with such a good book: my rating 5.0
It won't surprise me if TRUTH is a standout nominee for the 2010 Ned Kelly Award.

My review

TRUTH is on the 2010 Ned Kelly Awards longlist.


Bernadette said...

I don't think he'll win the Ned Kelly Kerrie as he has withdrawn the book from consideration - at least that's what I read last week somewhere - blowed if I can remember where but he said he had won 5 and didn't want to be considered anymore or something along those lines

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You certainly predicted correctly about Truth being successful. I'm impressed. I'll defer to Bernadette about the Ned Kelly award; I confess I don't know enough about whether he's still under consideration.

Bernadette said...

Thank heavens I'm not going completely bonkers - took me a while to find 'cos now every search result is about yesterday's win but this is the article I read last week that said Temple was not submitting TRUTH for the Ned Kelly awards - ran in the WA paper



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