2 June 2010

What I read in May 2010

May was a pretty good reading month, although I didn't get to read anything on my Kindle, something that I aim to remedy in June.

Lots of nice solid reads though and I visited places all over the world.

Following a lead set by my friend Bernadette at Reactions to Reading my pick of the month is THE SNOWMAN  by Jo Nesbo.
Bernadette and I collaborate on Fair Dinkum Reviews.

Here is the full list, showing the ratings I gave the, and the countries they are set in. Translated novels are also shown as ****.
You'll see a couple of them are also audio books.
  1. 4.5, THE SILENCE OF THE RAIN, Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza (30 May)- Brazil ****
  2. 4.5, B - VERY FLAT, Margot Kinberg (25 May)- USA
  3. 4.7, THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST, Stuart Neville (24 May)- Northern Ireland
  4. 5.0, THE SNOWMAN, Jo Nesbo (21 May)- Norway ****
  5. 4.7, THE THIRD GIRL, Agatha Christie (May 17) - audio- England
  6. 4.3, SMOKE & MIRRORS, Kel Robertson (May 11)- Australia
  7. 4.2, THE LISTERDALE MYSTERY, Agatha Christie (10 May) - England
  8. 4.2, MARCH VIOLETS, Philip Kerr (5 May) - audio- Germany
  9. 4.2, INHUMAN REMAINS, Quintin Jardine (4 May)- Spain


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for posting this. It always helps me to know what people read and look back at what they liked. Your reading has, indeed, taken you all over the proverbial globe - wow!

Uriah Robinson said...

Those CWA International Dagger judges did not agree with us about The Snowman.

Maxine Clarke said...

Great list, Kerrie - mine for May is on timer - I think it posts tomorrow. I have recently read B Very Flat and The Snowman from your list, and think they are both excellent (but different!) books. Silence of the Rain is en route after I read your review, and 12 (as the Stuart Neville is known over here) is on my TBR list, has been for ages, sigh....


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