5 July 2011

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Y is for Australian author Felicity Young

If you are looking for an Australian crime fiction author to read why not give Felicity Young a try?

Felicity is the author of 4 crime fiction books set in Western Australia.
The first A CERTAIN MALICE (2005) featured Senior Sergeant Cam Fraser who was looking to start a new life for himself and his daughter in rural WA.
Felicity followed that up with a new protagonist, Stevie Hooper, in AN EASEFUL DEATH (2007), HARUM SCARUM (2008) and TAKE OUT (2010) 

Young does an excellent job with her Australian setting and I have enjoyed all books.

The good news for overseas readers is that all Felicity's titles are available not only from the Fremantle Press but also through Amazon.com, both in paperback and Kindle format.

Another bit of good news that I found on Felicity's website today:
    Felicity is excited to announce the pending publication of her new historical mystery series featuring Dr Dody McCleland, Britain's first female autopsy surgeon. HarperCollins (Australia) will be publishing the first book, A DISSECTION OF MURDER in March 2012 and the second, THE FIRST OF CRIMINALS in March 2013. The books will also be published by the Penguin Group (USA) at about the same time, with titles as yet unknown. 
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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - It is good to hear that her work is available outside Australia. And that new historical mystery series has piqued my interest. Thanks for highlighting her for this week :-).

Vicki said...

I'm not a big historical fan, but I did love Felicity's contemporary crime fiction. It'd be nice if her Kindle titles were available worldwide (only A Certain Malice is available in the US), so more readers could enjoy them...

Kerrie said...

Vicki, just check that Amazon link again. There are 3 titles available on Kindle as far as I can see, but maybe Amazon is making them available to Australian subscribers but not to US ones.

Vicki said...

They're available to Australian readers, but not US. I've read them, so not a problem for me. I'm just disappointed that geographical restrictions prevent some Australian works being available worldwide.

Dorte H said...

Wow, actually they are available to Danish readers! A bit on the expensive side but very cheap compared to what I had to pay for Vanda´s books so I might give her a try when I begin to shop again.


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