24 July 2011

My local library is important to me

I have a terrific relationship with my local library.
I love it because they have such a good service and I always have library books on my home shelves. They have a terrific online reservation system. If I couldn't buy books or get them in any other way, my library would more than cover my needs.

We are lucky enough to have a recently expanded and renovated library too.

and inside it is just as good. Here is the children's section, which includes a Toy Library.

Here are the library books I've read recently:
Part of the secret of the wonderful service is that my library, Campbelltown, is part of a network of 7 libraries that share resources, and their joint catalogue often has multiple copies of the books I'm searching for. In addition, reservations are without charge, and I can keep my books for 1 month,

What about you?
Do you belong to a library? How often do you use it?
In the right hand column I have a poll running this week where you can tell me if you are a library borrower or not. Do also leave a comment about your experiences.

See Vanda's experience


bermudaonion said...

Your library is gorgeous!

Vanda Symon said...

What a fabulous space, and that children's section is divine! We spend a heck of a lot of time at our library, it has a wonderful warm ambiance to it and it is alive - milling with many happy book seekers, as well of those just enjoying a place to chill out. The Dunedin City Library is the main hub and has four smaller satellite libraries and two book buses, so you can always find what you want among them. In fact sometimes we'll just drive around the suburbs to find one of the book buses so the kids get the joy of taking books out from a library on wheels!

Gunnar Deckare said...

I love your library!

The local library is important to me as well. So far a governmental law has prevented dramatic cut downs in Swedish libraries.

Have you tried E-books? In additon to visiting a real library and read books in a traditional way I borrow e-books nad read on my Ipad.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Your library looks terrific.

I belong to two libraries because I live on the border between England and Scotland. Both the libraries are part of their counties' networks so although they are relatively small branches they have access to a much larger stock of books. I use them regularly. I can reserve and renew on-line. Even though I have such huge tbr piles I still borrow lots of books - it would be terrible if the libraries had to close.

Uriah Robinson said...

Kerrie I used to regularly use our library, but several years ago they allowed certain groups to place political posters and petitions in the library. I haven't felt the same about that place since, although I fully support the library system.

Harvee/Book Dilettante said...

The children must love it at your library. I volunteer a couple hours a week at my local library and use it as a patron quite often!

Marg said...

I am a heavy user of my local libraries and I am also a member of a couple of others as well. We actually had a new branch open near me not all that long ago - all those new books! Heaven!


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