18 July 2011

Crime Fiction Alphabet: the summary A-G

This year's edition of the Crime Fiction Alphabet is now completed and this week I'll publish four summary posts .

By Friday of each week participants had to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week which was displayed each Monday.
[Those who intended to participate regularly signed up here.]

Their post had to be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname. There was lots of choice: a review, or a bio of an author, so long as it fitted the rules  somehow. Sometimes participants interpreted the rules very laterally, particularly with "difficult" letters.

We used Mr Linky to display participants' posts, and in most weeks there were 12 to 16 participants.

Below are the Mr Linky links. The summary list for the 26 weeks: Crime Fiction Alphabet

Letter A

1. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist: About Face by Donna Leon
2. Bev@My Readers Block (And Then There Were None)
3. FleurFisher (The ABC Murders)
4. Lynossa @DerangedBookLovers (And Then There Were None)
5. Margaret @ BooksPlease (Agatha: An Autobiography
6. The Game's Afoot: Arriaga, Guillermo
7. gautami tripathy (An Expert in Murder)
8. Jenn @ for love of lovely words - A is for Agatha
10. raidergirl3(Alexander McCall Smith)
11. Mysterious Mutterings - A LILY OF THE FIELD, John Lawton
12. Reactions to Reading - A is for Archaeology
13. Dorte: A is for Ancestors
14. Violette (Matilde Asensi)
15. Crystal (author, Ginny Aiken)
16. Craig (Crime Watch): A is for Andrea Jutson

Letter B

1. Confessions of a Myst. Novelist - Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander M. Smith
2. MiP-BAD INTENTIONS, Karin Fossum
3. Rebecca (the book frog) - The Librarian by Larry Beinhart
4. Bev@My Readers Block (Robert Barnard)
5. Bernadette - B is for Bibliophiles
6. Margaret @ BooksPlease - W J Burley
7. The Game's Afoot: Bauer, Belinda
8. Dorte: B is for Blood
9. gautami tripathy--B is for Larry Bond
10. FleurFisher (B is for Bolitho)
11. Jenn @ for love of lovely words - The Beekeeper's Apprentice
12. in so many words - B for author Bruce Alexander
13. Crystal @ My Reading Room - Terri Blackstock
14. Lynossa: B is Bourne
15. Violette (Bi Feiyu)
16. Craig (Crime Watch) - BLOOD BOND, BOLD BLOOD, and BLOOD MEN

Letter C

1. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist - Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie
2. Bev@My Reader's Block (The Casino Murder Case)
3. MiP-Carter, Alan - PRIME CUT
4. gautami tripathy--C is for Constant Gardener
5. Bernadette - C is for Clergy
6. FleurFisher (C is for Crombie)
7. Margaret @ BooksPlease - Christopher Brookmyre
8. The Game's Afoot: Cueto, Alonso
9. Dorte: C should be for Crime...
10. In So Many Words : Robert Crais
11. Craig (Crime Watch) - C is for CUT & RUN
12. Lynossa: C for Conan Doyle
13. Jenn (Cards On The Table)
14. raidergirl3(Cocaine Blues)

Letter D

1. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist - My 3D Post ;-)
2. Crime Watch (Craig) - DIVE DEEP FOR DEATH
3. Bev@My Reader's Block (Carter Dickson)
4. Margaret@BooksPlease - Colin Dexter
5. gautami tripathy--D is for Dantes' Inferno
6. MiP- DEATH ON THE NILE, Agatha Christie
7. The Game's Afoot: Leif Davidsen
8. FleurFisher (D is for Darkside)
9. Bernadette - D is for Dogs
10. DJ's Krimiblog- D is for Detectives
11. Yvette - D is for Nancy Drew / The Dana Girls
12. Mysterious Mutterings- DEATH IN THE MARAIS
13. My Beloved Books - D is for DEADLY DANCE
14. raidergirl3(Death in La Fenice)
15. Violette (PC Doherty)
16. Jenn @ for love of lovely words - Dumb Witness

Letter E

1. FleurFisher (E is for Ethel Lina White)
2. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist - Evanly Bodies by Rhys Bowen
3. Margaret@BooksPlease - Edgar Wallace
4. E is for ECHOES IN THE BLUE (Craig - Crime Watch)
5. gautami tripathy--E is for Eisler
6. Bev@My Reader's Block (Margaret Erskine)
7. The Game's Afoot - E is for Ellory
8. Dorte: E is for Electronic Pleasures
9. MiP-END IN TEARS, Ruth Rendell
10. Bernadette - E is for Environment
11. raidergirl3(Martin Edwards)

Letter F

1. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist - The Four of Hearts by Ellery Queen
2. F is for FRIENDLY FIRE by Michael Wall (Craig - Crime Watch)
3. MiP-FROZEN TRACKS, Ake Edwardson
4. Bev@My Reader's Block (Charles Finch-The Fleet Street Murders)
5. Margaret@BooksPlease - Frances Fyfield-The Art of Drowning
6. Bernadette - F is for France
7. The Game's Afoot - F is for Fuentes
8. Dorte: F is for Flash Fiction
9. FleurFisher (F is for Five Little Pigs)
10. cavershamragu - F is for Fredric Brown
11. In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel - The Finishing Stroke by Ellery Queen
12. Yvette / F is for Free Fall by Robt. Crais

Letter G

1. Margot Kinberg - The Golden Ball and Other Stories by Agatha Christie
2. Fleur Fisher (G is for Glaspell)
3. MiP-D-E-D DEAD! Geoffrey McGeachin
4. Bernadette - G is for Genealogists
5. raidergirl3(Leighton Gage)
6. Bev@My Reader's Block (Anna Katharine Green)
7. The Game's Afoot - G is for Gimenez Bartlett, Alicia
8. Dorte: G is for Girl-Power
9. Margaret@BooksPlease - Erle Stanley Gardner
10. Tipping My Fedora: G is for The Galton Case
11. Yvette@in so many words- THE BOOK OF AIR & SHADOWS, Michael Gruber
12. Gaelyn Gordon's DEADLINES (Craig - Crime Watch)
13. Violette@Mystery Bookshelf - Tess Gerritsen
14. ISOT Classic Mystery Novel - The Saltmarsh Murders by Gladys Mitchell
15. Mysteries and More - The Sherlockian by Graham Moore

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