24 July 2011

Sunday Salon: 24 July 2011 - support your local library

Just when I thought I was managing to blog a bit less than I have been in the past, certainly less than I did last year, then this week there seemed to be a lot to post about.

This week I posted four summary posts for the 26 weeks of the Crime Fiction Alphabet
You will find there lots of genuine recommendations for your crime fiction reading.

Yesterday I began putting up the lists for Best Crime Fiction Reads 2011 - so far - Titles with multiple mentions.
Tomorrow I will list the authors who were mentioned more than once and then, later in the week, I'll publish the full list of over 130 recommendations.

How often do you borrow from your local library? Mine is very supportive for crime fiction readers, but really for all readers including children.
I have a poll running on my blog that you might like to participate in.
See my post: My local library is important to me

The new meme: Crime Fiction on a EuroPass will begin on 1 August.
It will continue for 12 weeks and will give recommendations for crime fiction reading in 12 European destinations. Please consider joining in.

Other posts in the last week:
News & Headlines
TBRN (To Be Read Next)
  • next from library: THE MESSENGER OF ATHENS, Anne Zouroudi
  • next on Kindle - BLUE MONDAY, Nicci French
  • now on audio - STILL MIDNIGHT, Denise Mina
  • next Agatha Christie: EVIL UNDER THE SUN

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Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I've been thinking about your new meme, but I'm finding it hard to slot books into the country categories, so I'll be watching to see what others come up with, rather than entering every week. England is no problem, but some of the others ...


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