11 July 2011

Queens of Crime - how many do you recognise?

Thanks to Matthieu Esbrat for creating this and to Xavier At the Villa Rose and Roberta at Books to the Ceiling for passing it on.

These are crime fiction writers, female, from the 19th century to now. I recognise about 6 of them :-(


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kerrie. I didn't recognise very many of them, myself (7 :-( ).

kathy d. said...

I recognized 5 by name, but many more by face but couldn't put a name to them.

Will try again.

Is there a list of answers?

Anonymous said...

I feel like I ought to know many more of them than I'm sure of. Probably know almost all the names - or maybe. I counted 8 that I'm pretty sure of.

Kerrie said...

Roberta's page has a link to her "answer" sheet of the 26 she has recognised

kathy d. said...

If Roberta knew 26, she should be awarded an honorary doctorate in Crime Fiction History, with a specialty in women authors. Very impressive!


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