2 July 2011

What I read in June 2011

June was partly spent in travelling but the number of books I read was about the same.
Most of them were on the Kindle but for the latter part of the month I have been reading library books.
My pick of the month is DEAD TOMORROW by Peter James
  1. 4.3, A GRAVE IN THE COTSWOLDS, Rebecca Tope (30 June)
  2. 4.1, MORTAL REMAINS, Kathy Reichs - audio (28 June)
  3. 4.4, THE KILLER'S ART, Mari Jungstedt (28 June)
  4. 4.7, HEARTSTONE, C.J. Sansom (24 June)
  5. 4.4, THE SALTON KILLINGS, Sally Spencer (23 June)
  6. 4.8, AN UNCERTAIN PLACE, Fred Vargas  (22 June)
  7. 4.6, TEN-SECOND STAIRCASE, Christopher Fowler  - audio (20 June)
  8. 4.5, A VINE IN THE BLOOD, Leighton Gage (16 June)
  9. 4.7, TRACKERS, Deon Meyer (14 June)
  10. 5.0, DEAD TOMORROW, Peter James (7 June)
  11. 4.2, MAD MONEY, Linda Richards (1 June)


Bev Hankins said...

Great list! I've got the Fowler book on my TBR list.

Here's my June...by the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Have marked to read several on your list Kerrie. So far have only read the Vargas one.


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