26 July 2011

Do You Count?

I have a number of counters running on my blog that do a variety of things.
You will see them mainly in the right hand side bar, but I also have Sitemeter and the big counter up along the top. I've always thought the big counter gives an inflated number, counting every twitch on the keyboard.

Probably the most reliable counter is the Clustr Map which counts unique visitors

The one I have been watching over the last month since I installed it is the Flag Counter which keeps track of individual countries as well as unique visitors. I think the "unique visitor" count may re-set each day.

I can't work out what the synergy is between the graphic above and the small one that appears on the home page of my blog though.

All my graphics counters do show how universal the love of crime fiction is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - A very well-taken point! One of the things that appeals to people from all over the world is good crime fiction. And thanks for bringing up this topic of counters. I've got flag counter and I like it.


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