31 July 2011

Sunday Salon: Sun 30 July 2011 - how time flies

Surely it can't be the end of July already!
How's your reading going? Are you on target?
I'm on my 98th book for the year, so well on the way to my target of 142+

The new meme: Crime Fiction on a EuroPass will begin on 1 August (tomorrow).
It will continue for 12 weeks and will give recommendations for crime fiction reading in 12 European destinations. Please consider joining in.

This week I ran a poll linked to the post My local library is important to me
The poll asked whether people used their local library, and approximately 1 in 4 said they never use it, while 1 in 3 gets most or all of their books from there.

Recently reviewed library books

Do you e-read?
This week's poll asks if you e-read, that is, whether you read books on any form of e-reader. e.g. a dedicated one like a Kindle or Sony e-reader or whether you use a multi-functional device like an iPad or iPhone a perhaps a computer. Or whether you've still not succumbed. I'll compare the results to those from earlier polls.

Do read Agatha Christie?
If so you will be interested in Plans to celebrate Agatha Christie's birthday and the invitation to you to participate. 

Other blog posts this week
News & Headlines
TBRN (to Be Read Next)
  • next Australian - BEREFT, Chris Womersley
  • next from library: THE GOLDEN MILE TO MURDER, Sally Spencer
  • next on Kindle - BLUE MONDAY, Nicci French
  • now on audio - STILL MIDNIGHT, Denise Mina
  • next Agatha Christie: EVIL UNDER THE SUN
Fair Dinkum Crime (Australian Crime Fiction)


Bernadette said...

I'm e-reading on 2 different devices now Kerrie - a dedicated one and a multi-function one. But I couldn't make 2 choices in your poll so I chose the dedicated one as that's where I'm doing most of my eReading. A big change for me from this time last year :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

Good Poll - I never borrow books from my local library - but I do use them all the time to attend writing functions, the kids go to a book club, etc.

Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

Vicki said...

I currently read eBooks on an iPod Touch.

Pocket size
Backlit (good for reading in bed at night without disturbing hubby)

Pocket size (as convenient as it is, a larger page size would be nice)

I'm considering buying a Kindle -- very impressed with the e-ink technology.

Kerrie said...

There are predictions that Kindle will eventually adopt a back-lit screen Vicki, but it will affect how long the battery lasts, which is currently very good if you have "wireless" turned off. Your alternative is a book light - Kindle 3 has one built into a cover

Elizabeth Frengel said...

I chose 'no,' though the answer is not entirely truthful. I have a Kindle that I received as a gift. The thing of it is that I really dislike reading books on the Kindle -- mysteries, especially, because it's a nuisance to flip back and forth. And illustrated children's books or history books with plates? They're useless on a Kindle.

Call Miss Lemon old fashioned, but when she's reading, she still likes to know where she's going and see where she's been. And the book itself is a beautiful material memento of any reading journey -- something that's utterly lost with ebooks.

Anonymous said...

I read on my Kindle, computer, iPhone and iPad - all books are Amazon Kindle books - I also borrow from my Public Library and try to save my e-reading for travel because I read so much!

Mike said...

Kindle & computer. Mostly pdf's but some e-books (Kindle format) as well.

Vicki said...

Thanks, Kerrie.

And I'll even be able to buy it in Australia: bigw.com.au/Offer/Kindle

Kerrie said...

Vicki that BigW price is $20 to $30 more than the US Amazon price.


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