8 July 2011

Reminder: I'm collecting your best crime fiction reads

What are the best crime fiction titles you've read so far in 2011?

This post is just a reminder that I am collecting and collating lists of titles and will later this month put a list up here.

To see what people have already submitted and to add your list as a comment see the original post on the subject.


kathy d. said...

The best thriller I read was Nemesis by Jo Nesbo.

However, I'd put Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter up there with my top reads.

I'm now reading Fred Vargas' An Uncertain Place, which is excellent.

And I just discovered Ariana Franklin's series myself, although I've known about it. Mistress in the Art of Death is a very good book.

kathy d. said...

I am nearly finished with An Uncertain Place, and I am loving it.

Not how elaborate and finely woven is the main plot, but the dialogue between Adamsberg and others, or his thinking, the joy of the language, the tightrope walking between quirky and superstitious ideas and logic, the intellectual games that Vargas is playing with the reader.

While reading this, I read an interview with the author. Unsurprisingly, she grew up reading myths and folk lore. She is fascinated with the ideas of villagers. It shows.

I have shut out the world today, not even the newspaper or the puzzle, no phone calls, just enjoying reading. Am savoring it like a wonderful dessert.

And I ponder rereading her previous books just to be in her marvelous, brilliant mind.


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