10 July 2011

Sunday Salon: 10 July 2011

Tomorrow, August 11, the very successful Crime Fiction Alphabet meme comes to its final letter for the year: Z
It has been an exciting journey with some great recommendations for crime fiction readers. In the week beginning Monday 18 July I will be putting up some summary posts but you can check the postings for individual letters at Crime Fiction Alphabet Reading Challenge

Currently I am collecting submissions from readers about their best crime fiction reads so far in 2011.
See Best Crime Fiction Reads 2011: mid way report

On August 1 we will begin a new meme: Crime Fiction on a EuroPass

These challenges don't necessarily involve participants in new reading for the challenge itself (although a list of books that you'd like to read could be a result), but allow you to point to books you've already read, or reviews you've already written, or to dabble in a bit of research.

Although the challenge relates to crime fiction reading, you don't have to be a crime fiction addict like I am to participate. Crime Fiction on a EuroPass begins on August 1. The blog post has a Mr Linky where you can sign up.

Check out the countries we'll visit in the 12 week schedule.

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TBRN (To Be Read Next)
  • next - THE DIGGERS' REST HOTEL, Geoffrey McGeachin.
  • next on Kindle - ASHES TO WATER, Irene Ziegler
  • now on audio - STIFF UPPER LIP, P.G. Wodehouse
  • next Agatha Christie: EVIL UNDER THE SUN

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