2 July 2011

Mid year stocktake

How are you going with your reading? How does it compare with your resolutions and plans?

These were my resolutions on New Year's Eve
  1. take all those library books back and be more restrained in my borrowing in future.
  2. Reduce Mount TBR
  3. be a lot more restrained in my purchasing
  4. Cull and dispose of those books that I'll never read again.
Item 1
I've been a little more restrained in the library borrowing, but even so often have a dozen or so library books hanging around.

Item 2
No success at all in reducing TBR - it just seems to draw books to itself! although I have read a few.

Item 3
I have bought almost no "made-from-paper" books this year, but the Kindle is another story.
I had to resort to disconnecting my account from my credit card to curtail my impulse buying.

Item 4
The culling project is still to happen but I am determined it will.


I joined a number of reading challenges at the beginning of the year.
I have read 82 books so far this year so am doing pretty well in most challenges and should complete them all..
I have a full listing at Reading Challenges Update  but here is a summary
Picks of the Month

Each month I have managed to publish a list of the books that I have read.
I have also chosen a pick of the month each time. All of these are books that have received a rating of 5.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Your progress sounds a lot like mine. My TBR continues to grow, and currently I have, I think, six library books here waiting to be read and returned *sigh*.

kathy d. said...


Your reading list and amount read is awesome.

I don't know how you read so many books so quickly. Is there a strategy in doing this?

I have cut down my number of library books, but purchased more and also won or was given several books, so the TBR pile has grown.

However, I read Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter due to your review. I loved it and passed it on to a friend who passed it on, too. Everyone agreed.

So thank you for that review, and know that your blog is influential and gets results from other readers.

I am trying to read several books at once, yet I got into a Nero Wolfe binge and can't get out of it.

But I must move on as I want to meet my own informal challenges.

Would you count a book by Marshall Browne (Inspector Anders) as under the Italy or Australia category? It's puzzling.

Kerrie said...

I'm just addicted Kathy. I'm sure the Kindle is speeding my reading up.
Thanks for counting me as a blog of influence :-)
Marshall Brown is, as you know, an Australian writer, living in Melbourne, but like so many Australian authors sets his books overseas. I'd be inclined to "count" the setting, unless you are specifically trying to read authors of individual countries.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, very impressive. Well done on your achievements. Have only read one book in your list of best of month, but I aim to read some others. Thanks for being there.

Bernadette said...

perhaps we addicts should just give up on the TBR challenge Kerrie, I'm not doing well on that score either

Uriah Robinson said...

Well done Kerrie 82 books in six months is quite an achievement! I am aiming for a modest 50 books in the entire year.
Your Kindle must have a superfast download booster to cope.;o)

kathy d. said...

Also, Kerrie, I for one do check in at the "Blogs I'm Reading," at least once a day, twice if I have time and three times if I have insomnia.

I appreciate it much, including the little snippets related to the theme of each post. However, the danger is that I can spent a lot of time doing this -- which, frankly I'd rather do than tasks, errands, commitments, etc.

I'll eventually have to join a 12-step program for blogaholics.


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