14 September 2009

BBAW: Appreciation of Book Bloggers

This week promises to be a very busy week for me, for not only is it Book Blogger Appreciation Week, but it is also Christie week and I'll be celebrating both with dual posts each day.

First of all many thanks to those who nominated this blog for an award and congratulations to those who were similarly nominated. Many thanks also to My Friend Amy and the BBAW Promotions Team who have done such a good job with the organisation of the activities for the week.

I have been particularly interested in the shortlist for Best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Blog because this was the category my own blog was nominated in.
This week though will be a wonderful chance to come across some new bloggers, so do frequently check the BBAW home page as people will be posting their links to posts like this one, every day.

My BBAW Giveaways
Put your hand up for a free book - 2 restricted to Australia/New Zealand and 2 for world wide eligibility.

Looking for some Crime Fiction blogs to follow? See my list of over 100 on Crime Fiction Journeys.


gautami tripathy said...

Those are good blogs. I read all in my google reader.

BBAW: My very own shortlist

Jim's Words Music and Science said...


Thanks for all of your hard work on behalf of book bloggers. I recommend your blog, Mysteries in Paradise, to all who visit my site.

Hi, Gautami!

Best wishes, Jim

Anonymous said...

I just found you via someone else's Monday morning BBAW post. It's very cool to see the interconnectedness of all of this so early in the week.

Heather said...

Nice work on your blog. Thanks.

Lisa Roe said...

So happy I found you through BBAW! I look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you better! :-)


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