4 September 2009

I really should stay out of book shops!

Spurred on by the current Books Alive campaign, I ventured into my local book shop last night.
I swear the shelves see me coming and quiver with anticipation. Books jostle each other to leap into my arms.

So I came away with SCARECROW and DARK COUNTRY, and TOO CLOSE TO HOME is on order for me. As you know I've already read SHATTER.
A MOST WANTED MAN is already on my shelves from the library.

I came away with 2 copies of the "freebie" (below), and I'll send one of to Dorte in Denmark by slow boat today.

But I also bought BEAUTIFUL DEATH by Fiona McIntosh.
You may remember her first crime fiction title BYE BYE BABY where she used the pseudonym Lauren Crow.
BEAUTIFUL DEATH is the continuation of the Jack Hawksworth series that began in BYE BYE BABY.

Fiona is an Adelaide writer well known for her fantasy titles for both adults and children.


Bernadette said...

Well then my own restraint is quite admirable...I bought TOO CLOSE TO HOME to get my freebie and left it at that :)

Bronwyn Parry said...

I hope you enjoy Dark Country, Kerrie!

There;s a heap of great books in the Books Alive promotion - I'm hoping to be reading a few myself these next few weeks :-)

Dorte H said...

I am glad to hear there was also something good for you :D
And thanks again for thinking of me.

The word verification is funny today: gedav (sounds like an amalgam of g´day and Danish dialect godav = good day).

Vanda Symon said...

Gawd, and I thought I was dangerous in a book shop!


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