20 September 2009

The Dog Who Came In From The Cold

Notification came this week that the sequel to Alexander McCall Smith's CORDUROY MANSIONS, THE DOG WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, takes off on September 21.

This was probably my only departure from crime fiction last year, but I do enjoy McCall Smith's writing, particularly his quirky sense of humour, and who can resist Andrew Sachs reading?

I have to admit though that real life got in the way of me completing my reading of CORDUROY MANSIONS last year. I finished 14 of 20 weeks. Somehow my habit of listening to a chapter a day got broken, and I never went back. It is a bit like running a marathon. Sit down, and you never stand up again.

So maybe this year I'll do better.

If you'd like to catch up with this new online novel visit the Telegraph site. Lots of information there from McCall Smith too. There's a list of the characters from CORDUROY MANSIONS, and interviews etc.

Visit this website for more information on the first novel, character profiles. This is a publisher's promo, but very enjoyable nonetheless. Uses Flash animation. You can easily catch up with the story and characters here.
Andrew Sachs reads each of the chapters, mostly a little over a minute each.
Be warned there will be 80 of them so set some time aside. You can come back though and scroll through to the next chapter.

If you are interested you can follow progress on a special FaceBook site too.

Check my other blog posts mentioning Alexander McCall Smith.

This 2 minute video explores Pimlico which is where CORDUROY MANSIONS is set. Here's the link if the video doesn't display below.

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