27 September 2009

Sunday Salon - Sunday 27 September

Are you like me - spend too much time blogging, not enough reading?
I've spent some time this week, after BBAW and Christie Week, trying to restore normality, blogging less, reading more, but not terribly successfully. I've had a busy month - 54 posts so far in 27 days.

Sunday Salon now has 455 registered participants, and this and similar events such as Weekly Geeks, and BBAW, just reinforce how important reading is for us all.

This week's posts:
Currently reading
  • next - AS DARKNESS FALLS, Bronwyn Parry
  • in the car - RED BONES, Ann Cleeves
  • on line - CORDUROY MANSIONS 2, Alexander McCall Smith
News & Headlines
Things to do on my blog
Features to check:
I'm running a number of widgets that I think add value to my blog so be sure to check them out. I've picked most of them up from what I've seen on other blogs. Here are some to look for.
  • Odiogo provides an automatic "podcast" of each post, so you can listen if you'd prefer that.
  • Each post now displays a Linkwithin widget at the end, that recommends other posts you might enjoy.
  • Each post has a rating system at the bottom where you can give it a star rating - I'm not actually sure where I got that from.
  • Blogger Widgets provided me with with"My Faithful Commentators" widget - I'm not exactly sure how that works statistically speaking but it shows who comments most frequently on my blog.
  • I use ClustrMaps, Feedjit, and Sitemeter to monitor my live traffic.
  • I have a Google translate widget so a visitor can choose the language they'd rather see the blog in, even Arabic and Japanese.
  • I have a customised crime fiction search that I created through Google search by listing about 100 blog and book review sites.
  • And you'll see that I make extensive use of RSS feeds.


Book Bird Dog said...

I'm not a Sunday Salon member, but I do review mysteries. How does one join?

Kerrie said...

Book Bird Dog: go to Sunday Salon home page - all is explained there. After that just put Sunday Salon as a tag on your post.

Gavin said...

Kerrie, thanks for all the links. I am in awe of all you do.

I actually wrote a short review for a mystery this week! Tell me what you think.


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