19 September 2009

Celebrating Agatha Christie Week #7

Christie Week is scheduled for 13-20 September.

Here on MYSTERIES IN PARADISE we are Celebrating the life and work of Agatha Christie with a blog tour where bloggers have undertaken to put up a special post on their own site.

Today's Christie celebration is a double banger.
First of all with Sarah at A library is a hospital for the mind... Sarah is a regular contributor to the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival. I love the library image that Sarah uses on her blog too. It has a real olde worlde feel to it.

And secondly with Elaine at Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover. Elaine is a huge fan of the Dame, and she writes about how a bout of German measles turned her into a lover of crime fiction.

Do visit both their blogs and let them know you've been there by leaving a comment.

To come next on the blog tour:
20 September: Confessions of a Mystery Novelist
21 September: BooksPlease
22 September: Agatha Christie Quiz - here on MiP
23 September: ACRC Carnival #9

We've already visited
13 September: Overkill
14 September: Reactions to Reading
15 September: Elizabeth at Miss Lemon Mysteries
16 September: Just A (Reading) Fool
17 September: Margot at Joyfully Retired
18 September: Crime Scraps

If you have only recently come upon the Agatha Christie blog tour, explore the sites that have hosted posts so far, and remember to come back tomorrow to visit the next one.

It is never too late to join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
See information about the Challenge here.
Join the Challenge here, and by all means use the Challenge image on your blog with a link back to our Blog Carnival site.

You can submit a link to any postings you have made that review Agatha Christie books to the Agatha Christie monthly Blog Carnival by going to the Carnival collecting space and putting in the URL, your details, and a comment about the post. We are also intersted in any interesting online articles that you come across.

The September Carnival closes on September 22, and will be posted on September 23, marking the end of our 10 days of celebrations this year.

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