4 March 2009

Crime Fiction unites us all

An idea that came to me when I was reading Dorte's blog. She publishes her blog in English and Danish, and had a graph showing the language of her readers in this post.

Unlike Dorte's, my graphic shows that my readership is almost entirely English speaking:

I have a number of maps accessible from my blog so I captured some graphics- sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. Blogger doesn't allow you to have very large images unfortunately, so some of them I've had to stretch. If you click on the fuzzy ones, you see a clearer, larger graphic.

I was struck from the very first mapping tool that I used, Clustrmap, how wide flung my visitors are.

This is a recent ClustrMap. The red dots of course indicate where people live (according to their IP address)

Site meter gives me very nice pie charts (which is what Dorte used)

And then this map is generated by Feedjit: once again apologies for the fuzziness but you get the idea.

So what does all this tell us? Probably what we already know: that crime fiction is a genre with wide appeal, crossing language and location boundaries. You only have to check what other languages your favourite English language author is translated into, or think yourself about the books that you read in translation. A subject for a later post I think.


Dorte H said...

I agree that these graphs are interesting. Another thrilling aspect is that if someone from, say, Australia, mentions your blog, it is usually measurable over the next few days :D
An American posted a link to my blog Monday, and what has happened? My SiteMeter tells me that 35 % of my latest visitors have been Americans.

Kerrie said...

That is an interesting aspect isn't it?

Susan said...

I love looking at the different ways of seeing who is coming to our blogs, and from where! It's interesting to see which posts bring in more readers (or commentators), too. I like how you did this post! (one from Canada here! lol)


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