22 March 2009

Sunday Salon, 22 March 2009, resuming normal operations

After you've been away on holidays, it always seems to take a big effort to get back to normal doesn't it?

If you have a fairly active online life then there's emails and blog comments to start with. I always read a lot when I am away so there are book reviews to be posted. And that's before you start with catching up with what others have been doing on their blogs.

It is always nice to be home again though and to get back into your normal routine.

I did have a poll running when I was away: a bit of a no-brainer really, asking people if they had a blog. Well, 24 people participated in the poll and 23 of them actually had a blog of their own. But in the time the poll was running about 1500 people visited my blog, so the participation rate wasn't very high was it?

New poll
I seem to be reading a lot of books that have been translated into English recently.
And yet I read an email from somebody saying that a book she had recently finished was the first translation she had ever read.
So what about you?
Come in and participate in my poll.
Of the last 10 books you've read, how many were translations into English?
The poll is at the top of the right hand column.
The books I read in translation were
Currently reading
  • now - THREE BAGS FULL, Leonie Swann
  • next - PLAY DEAD, Richard Montanari
  • then (perhaps) - MURDER ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, Kerry Greenwood
  • and after that - IRON HEART, Marshall Browne
  • in the car - PANDORA'S DAUGHTER, Iris Johansen
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Marg said...

I've read a couple of translations recently. I don't read them often, but I don't mind reading them.

Uriah Robinson said...

I am on my 12th crime fiction book of the year nine of which have been translations, and one of the English books was set in Germany!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Yes, I shall have to get out of vacation mode and back into work mode tomorrow.

I've never tried a poll. Well, except at my school blog....I need to try one at my regular reading blog.

Dorte H said...

Of the latest 10 books I think 4 were Scandinavian books which were translated into English, but of course I read them in Danish. The other 6 were English, and I probably read one or two of them in Danish (library books).
I certainly prefer reading English books in English, but without the library I just could not afford to read as many books as I want to :)

Gavin said...

Of the last ten books I've read 2 have been translations. Of the three I'm reading now 2 are translations and one is written by an native of India written in English. I sometimes regret not being able to read books in their original language!


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