7 March 2009

DJs Bait in a Box

Some blogging friends are coming up with such interesting features to their blogs.
Dorte at DJs kimiblog has been running something called Bait in Box.

She's been using interesting images like the one to the right, but primarily what she is doing is running a little competition among her readers.

She gives you a quote of some lines from a book, crime fiction of course, and generally a British author, but sometimes an expatriate, and asks you to guess who. Only you are not allowed to say who!

The rules are as follows:
1) if you think you can guess who wrote it, please post your guess.
2) if you recognize the quotation, please post a clue to other readers - do not spoil the fun by giving too much away.

Dorte herself gives clues, and the "bait in a box" is a prelude to a book review she will be posting in the next few days. It is a very nifty idea!


Anonymous said...

Nice post, Kerrie. I like this feature of Dorte's, but I have only ever guessed one of the conundrums. Maybe one day.....Hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii (goes green).

Kerrie said...

The Bait in a box concept is captivating isn't it?

Dorte H said...

If anyone should want to try it out, just feel free to copy my idea. But do tell me, because obviously I would like to try guessing for once :D


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