6 March 2009

Left Coast Crime - Arrival

Well, we've arrived. This post is coming courtesy the internet connection in our room at the Wakaiola Marriott on Big Island, and my wonderful Dell Mini.

Very important too is that the luggage got here safely too including the case of books mentioned in my last LCC post.

Things don't really get underway until Saturday when we have a 4MA breakfast, and then some sessions happen Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow a number of us are booked on a 12 hour round island tour, so it be a good chance to meet some fellow conferees.

Crossing the international date line means that you get a version of Ground Hog Day happening. The airline captain explained, "put your watches forward 3 hours and then after midnight it will still be today". That meant that we landed in Honolulu, in terms of date an time about 12 hours before we left Sydney! Does my head in even thinking about it. When we return to Australia we lose a day!. For us most of Monday 16 March will not exist.

The flight from Sydney to Hawaii was in one of the more elderly Qantas planes. Not sure what it actually was but none of the TVs in your headrest malarky. Didn't really sleep much so I managed to finish a couple of books and I'll get the reviews up in the next few days.

The grey weather that hit Adelaide prior to our departure seems to have followed us here. Very overcast. Yesterday we went out to the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbour by public bus. - number 20 there and number 42 back. We were trying to stay up for the day to kill off the jet lag and that seems to have worked fairly well.

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Dorte H said...

If I ever have to skip a day, please God let it be a Monday!
Great post about the wonders of time and travelling. And very important too that YOU got there safely :)
I am really looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.


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