24 March 2009

A view from my front door

Dorte posted recently about what she could see 40 steps from her front door.

I responded, saying 40 steps from my front door looks nothing like that.
Judge for yourself!
Blame the drought, autumn, a dead tree, and a much needed (according to husband) cull of overgrown and unwanted plants.

But lots of room for improvement!


Maxine Clarke said...

I don't feel so bad about the state of my back "garden" now, Kerrie!

And now I realise how you manage to find so much time for reading and blogging ;-) (I'm the same I hasten to add.)

Kerrie said...

I don't garden Maxine - it gives me sneezes and aches. It is the husband's province to practice his husbandry so to speak, and it really looked not too bad until he let the man with the chain saw loose.

Marg said...

My front garden shares some characteristics with yours Kerrie!

Dorte H said...

In Denmark we have what we call a drought every fifth year or so. It means we may not water the garden so the lawn turns yellow, but it does not really compare to Australian weather.
I don´t garden either, but because we live in the vicarage, we have people who mowe the lawn and cut down what needs cutting etc. My husband has a few rosebeds, but basically we just enjoy what God and the vicar before my husband have sent our way :)


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