29 March 2009

Sunday Salon - 29 March 2009

Last week I commented I was just getting back to normal after some time away. Well, this week normality has struck.

Poll results
I ran a poll during the week that asked people to consider the last 10 books they had read: how many of them were translations into English. It probably wasn't a terribly well constructed poll but 21 people answered:
  • all of them - 0
  • 7-9 1 person
  • 4-6 3 people
  • 1-3 13 people
  • none - 4 people
So over 75% of us have read at least one translated book among our last 10, and for many the number was much higher than that.
With so much Scandinavian crime fiction on the market, it is obviously becoming more common.
If you'd like some recommendations click here.

This week's poll relates to your growing TBR. Don't know what that is? Check here.
C'mon, confess, how many unread books do you have lying around? Go count them up and then pop in and participate in the poll in the right hand margin of MYSTERIES IN PARADISE.

There's a competition running on my blog until the end of March. You could win a copy of Louise Penny's THE CRUELLEST MONTH. You have to answer some questions, but it is not so hard to find the answers, as I tell you where to look. Click here.

Breaking News this week:
Currently reading
  • now - PLAY DEAD, Richard Montanari
  • next (perhaps) - MURDER ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, Kerry Greenwood
  • and after that - IRON HEART, Marshall Browne
  • in the car - PANDORA'S DAUGHTER, Iris Johansen
This week's posts:
Have a good week everyone.


serendipity_viv said...

I have to say, I now feel ashamed at admitting how many unread books I have in my collection. My problem is people keep lending me books.

gautami tripathy said...

My unread pile is too long. I don't know how I will get around those.

Sunday Book Coveting

Anonymous said...

I don't need to go and count them to answer your poll ;-)

Dorte H said...

As you ask how many of our books were translated INTO ENGLISH, I had to answer none.
A number of mine were translated from English or Swedish into Danish :)

Uriah Robinson said...

Fame at last I was the one who had read 7 out 10 translated crime, and one of the others was set in Germany!

Marg said...

I am not ashamed now! I gingerly pressed the more than 250 option, only to find that so had most other people!

Scribacchina said...

Well, can you believe I don't have a TBR pile at the moment? (One good thing about having moved recently! What do you people do when you move? Do you bring all 250 books with you?)
Anyway, just dropped by to say, thank you for posting about my challenge. Are you going to participate, too, or not?


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